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The Epona Trust - Arfur

Name: Arfur Born: May 2009
Height: 2 feet Breed: Pot-bellied Pig
Gender: Boar Colour: Black


While not technically a horse, Arfur is a vaulable member of the Epona Trust!

Arfur was a tiny terrified piglet when he arrived in a dog crate from the RSPCA! He had been separated from his brothers and sisters too early and bought as a pet. Arfur was kept alone in a garden shed. His owner could not cope with him so he went to the RSPCA's Ark at Stubbington.

Latest Update

Arfur is now extremely tame and will walk on a lead. He follows Carol around like a dog! Arfur enjoys afternoons running around and his favourite activity, wallowing in Carol's garden, which he loves! He also enjoys escaping regularly and trotting around the yard!

Arfur will beg for food and his job is to make our horses unafraid of pigs. Horses naturally hate pigs and may bolt if they see them. This can be a problem when hacking out in the New Forest, as pigs are allowed on the Forest at certain times of the year.