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The Epona Trust - Ash

Name: Ash Born: Late 2008
Height: 13.3 hands Breed: New Forest
Gender: Filly Colour: Chestnut


Ponies should not be given as presents. Poor Ash ended up living in a shed in someones garden, and being inappropriately fed.

Ash came to us suffering from parasitic worms and was traumatised from being kept isolated and alone. Ash was near death when the RSPCA called us to pick her up from one of Southamptons sink estates, and she required immediate veterinary treatment.

The Epona Trust took her on, and we kept her with Muffin the Hinny to get over her loneliness.

Latest Update

Ash is now full of life and energy, and has joined our other youngsters up on Hatch Hill.

Ash is now doing so well she is coming in with the other horses regularly and is learning some basic manners in the stable and whilst being lead. She will begin her training soon to become a riding pony.

Ash is being sponsored by Gemma.