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The Epona Trust - Ben

Name: Ben Born: 1991
Height: 15 hands Breed: Cob
Gender: Gelding Colour: Black


Mr Ben and Scrumpy came from the same, very kind, owners. However, they had just had been kept as pets so when their owners moved, their future looked bleak. They had not been ridden for over 9 years.

Having completely gotton out of habit of working with humans and having only had food from them, they didn't want to work any more! (And why should they?)


Latest Update

We had to get both Ben and Scrumpy fit, and this meant strengthening their muscles by lots of slow work. Ben was very unbalanced under a rider, having done most work in harness, and could not manage corners, with some spectacular results!

Ben 'found his feet' by going over to Itchen Valley Country Park bridle path, where he did not feel confined by the arena fence. He is now very fit and is able to work at anything he is asked to. Ben is now enjoying regular jumping lessons.

Ben suffers from 'sweet itch' and last year he lost his mane because of this. This year we have a special fly proof cover that protects him from the flies. He can't be kept in a stable as he is allergic to hay and gets a bad cough like asthma.

Ben is sponsored by Maddie and Robyn.

Therapies Used

  • Garlic for lung function
  • Bach flower remedy 'Walnut'
  • Marmite for sweet itch