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The Epona Trust - Berkeley

Name: Berkeley Born: 1997
Height: 16.2 hands Breed: Warmblood
Gender: Gelding Colour: Grey


A Farrier mentioned to Carol that he knew of a nice horse with a few problems in need of a good home and some TLC.

Berkeley arrived in February 2012, terribly lame and stiff. He had been living out 24/7 in a very wet and cold field with a herd of geldings. He was bottom of the herd, which meant he was always last to get any food, so had lost a lot of weight and condition. Berkeley also had very poor hoof quality, in part due to the wet conditions, but also due to poor diet.

To help Berkeley we made sure he had a warm and dry stable, with lots of hay and good quality food to increase his weight, promote good hoof growth and help build muscle.

Latest Update

Berkeley still has some way to go to get to peak condition, but is vastly improved from when he arrived just 7 months ago. He is now completely sound, and has begun training in earnest to build up his muscles. His hooves are gradually getting better, but just like human nails it takes a long time, and the new growth will take approximately a full year to grow through.

We believe that Berkeley is an ex eventing horse, and he particularly enjoys jumping! He is settling in very well, and is thoroughly enjoying his work. Berkeley is so happy to have someone of his own to care for him, and is thriving under Ben's care and attention.

Berkeley is sponsored by Ben.