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Name: Blondie Born: 1999
Height: 14 hands Breed: Welsh Section C
Gender: Mare Colour: Palomino


Blondie was abandoned by her owner when she felt that she do not have sufficient skills to ride her. Blondie was not tolerant of her owner's rough 'kick and pull' style and although at first she was as compliant as she could be, the rough treatment made her both sore and cross.

Eventually she took to dumping her owner onto the floor and this lead to some more rough treatment.

Latest Update

Fortunately for Blondie we were able to give her a home, but we had to undo all of the poor treatment that had happened to her, to get her confidence back. Blondie is now very settled and especially enjoys jumping. She is a very popular pony and is always very sort after for the group lessons!

Blondie enjoys hacks out in the countryside and is very well behaved in a group.

Blondie is looking for someone kind and understanding to sponsor her to have fun and give her the attention that she deserves.