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Name: Candy Born: ~ 2000
Height: 13 hands Breed: New Forest
Gender: Mare Colour: Roan


Candy was an RSPCA neglect case and was what is known as a "flat-pack" - she was so starved that her body seemed flat. With cases like Candy it is an animal's personality that determines if the long road to rehabilitation can be taken, or if a peaceful end should be made to its life.

Candy even in her weakened state tried to lick us! We started her on the road to recovery by giving her glucose drinks every 2 hours as she could not digest food. After a day of this we gave her soupy foods and had to lift her every morning as she did not have the strength to get up by herself. (Horses and ponies must not lie down for long periods as they get pneumonia very easily).

The lifting grew to be a fine art - in with the glucose drink, wait for the energy surge, one person at each leg, and lift! It was like putting up a tent!

In time Candy became fit and well, and the only signs of her starvation were the scars on her hip bones where she had 'bed sores', which went right to the bone.

Latest Update

Candy could never be ridden due to her not building up enough muscle following her starvation, but she had a wonderful life up on Hatch Hill, where she was the alpha mare and bossed all the young horses around! Unfortunately in May 2012 Candy had to be put to sleep. She was a grandmother figure for all the young horses and ponies, and was fantastic at keeping them all in line! Candy will be missed by everyone here at the Epona Trust.