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The Epona Trust - Caspian

Name: Caspian Born: ~ 1985
Height: 13 hands Breed: Welsh Section C
Gender: Gelding Colour: Grey


Caspian was a wonderful little pony who was dearly loved by his owner but too soon outgrown.

His early training must have been very tough as he has no confidence to be ridden by anyone, despite having been to shows with his young owner.

When Caspian first came to us we brought him down to the stable yard to begin his training and put him in our round pen. He ran around like a 'wall of death' motorcyclist, going up the panels until he leapt over the top! The panels are 6 feet high! Caspian then galloped back to Hatch via the main road.

Latest Update

We decided to let Capian have his own way and left him out at Hatch with the herd, where he pretended he was the lead stallion. He liked to pose on top of the hill with the wind in his mane!

Unfortunately following a short illness, Caspian was put to sleep. We all miss him at the Epona Trust, especially all the ponies on Hatch Hill.