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Name: Cookie Born: 1992
Height: 15 hands Breed: Cob
Gender: Mare Colour: Dappled Grey


Cookie was the opposite end of the scale from the neglect and starvation that we so often see. She was so grossly overweight that when she rolled in her field, she got stuck and Portsmouth fire brigade had to turn up to help her!

How DID she get like that?

It appears that she had trained her owners to leave her alone and not disturb her eating!

The scars on her neck show some bad injuries from the past, and she may have been a driving horse for a brief period of time.

Latest Update

Cookie is an alpha mare and would be the decision maker for her herd. She has a low tolerence towards other horses and will try to manipulate people... if she can!

She is quite long in the back, but despite this she has amazing jumping ability and loves to jump for fun - even if there is no jump!

She is a very valued member of our team and her speciality is to work with "Ride With Your Mind" principles to test experienced riders. However, she also does a lot of work with beginners and is very kind to them!

Cookie is now also used for lessons for riders with special needs where she is very gentle and understanding. Cookie's more dominant behaviour has mellowed with age and she is such a special horse with wonderful movement.

Cookie is looking for someone kind and understanding to sponsor her. She loves the attention and thrives on having a human to call her own! If you are interesting in sponsoring Cookie, please contact us.