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Name: Flossie Born: ~ 1990
Height: 12.2 hands Breed: Welsh Pony Section A
Gender: Mare Colour: Strawberry Roan


Flossie came to us from a family who had bought her for their children and were keeping her in a shed and pen in their garden. Flossie didn't have any companions and became very lonely and cross. Her owners didn't understand and became scared of her, so by the time we got involved, everyone was very upset.

Flossie took a long time to learn about teaching children to ride and her early experiences made her very wary at first.

With lots of attention and clear signals that she could understand, Flossie became an excellent teacher, and one the ponies that were favourites among children. She was bossy with other ponies and horses, however this was due to the fact that she was left on her own for so long. You could often hear Flossie in the barn telling ponies off if they get too close.

Latest Update

Flossie still enjoyed giving children lessons and was happiest when she was working. Unfortunately in December 2012, Flossie had to be put to sleep following a short illness. We all miss Flossie at the Epona Trust