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The Epona Trust - Harrison

Name: Harrison Born: 2000
Height: 16.1 hands Breed: Warmblood
Gender: Gelding Colour: Chestnut


Harrison was owned by two very kind gentlemen who unfortunately found his bolting behaviour too much to handle. He was handed over to the Epona Trust in October 2010.

Harrison's bolting behaviour was probably the result of an undiagnosed pelvic joint problem, which would have caused him pain when he went out on long rides. He had never bolted in the arena, and his calm placid nature shows he must have been very desperate to have done such a thing.

Our Physiotherapist visited Harrison and diagnosed muscular injuries, particularly on the back.

Gregg Wood our equine dentist also visited Harrison, and worked on his teeth. This seemed to make him much happier and probably felt much more comfortable.

Latest Update

Unfortunately in August 2011, Harrison received an injury to his hock whilst playing out in the field. The Vet said the injury was very severe and so sadly he was put to sleep. Harrison will be sadly missed by everyone here at the Epona Trust.