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The Epona Trust - Jazz

Name: Jazz Born: 2002
Height: 13 hands Breed: Dartmoor x Pony
Gender: Mare Colour: Black


Jazz was a RSPCA case that made the National papers. Her owner had allowed her to become starved and worm ridden to the point where she could not stand up, (yet she had bought a smart new rug to cover up Jazz's poor thin body!) Jazz's owner was successfully prosecuted by the RSPCA.

She was so weak, we had to lift her into the horse box to bring her home. Once settled into a warm comfortable stable, our first task was to get her strong enough for the worm medicine that would get rid of the parasites that were sapping her strength. An immediate worm dose would have killed her as toxins released by the dying worms would have been too much in her weakened condition.

We gave Jazz glucose drinks and milk powder, and then after a week we wormed her and she was alright after the masses of worms were expelled from her system.

We had to lift her to her feet 3 - 5 times a day.

Latest Update

Jazz was so weak at first that we had to lift her to her feet several times a day, but now only the scars on her hips (from 'bedsores' that went down to the bone), will show what has happened to her.

Jazz is a tough little pony who is very intelligent, who deserved to be fought for. She was not going to give up - so neither were we!

Jazz is now very fit and healthy and has just begun a great new life on full loan to Overdale Equestrian Centre.