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Name: Lullabelle Born: ~ 2003
Height: 14.2 hands Breed: Cob
Gender: Mare Colour: Chestnut with flaxen mane & tail


Lullabelle arrived in 2009 after she had been abandoned and rescued by the RSPCA. She had terrible 'grease' (very bad mud fever), on her legs and the wounds were covered in maggots.

Lullabelle still suffered with grease on her legs, it would improve for months, and then flare up again. We tried many different treatments to try and manage her condition, including advice from a Veterinary Professor specialising in her condition, the only one in the UK!

Latest Update

Unfortunately Lullabelle passed away in February 2011. Lullabelle was a such a lovely mare with a very kind nature, and she will be very sadly missed by everyone here.