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Name: Mattie Born: 2000
Height: 14.2 hands Breed: TB x Connemara
Gender: Mare Colour: Grey


Mattie arrived in May 2010. Mattie was a jumping pony and had all kinds of gadgets used on her - whatever the fashion was at the time.

Mattie's owners treated her as a jumping machine, so when she fell and was seriously injured, they bought another horse and she had to go. A very kind woman bought her but could not keep her, so she was passed to a friend of Carol's - but unfortunately she found her too sharp.

Mattie was very forward going and had issues about what a rider needs to do. She has been stopped 'on the handbrake' (yanked reins with a harsh bit) many times, but learnt to make a proper contact on the bit with a mild straight bar snaffle.


Latest Update

Correct riding built up the correct muscles and made it easier for Mattie to balance her body following her injury.

Mattie was coming along very well enjoying lessons and gaining confidence. Unfortunately in April 2012 signs of her old shoulder injury returned, and following unsuccessful treatment, we made the hard decision to put Mattie to sleep in August 2012. Mattie will be missed by everyone here at the Epona Trust, with her wonderful speedy jumping ability and sense of fun.