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Name: Meric Born: ~ 1995
Height: 14.2 hands Breed: Welsh Section D
Gender: Gelding Colour: Black


Meric has scars on his body that show he has been in an accident of some kind. His head has been fractured and his front legs have serious scars.

A friend of Carol's came across Meric at a training yard where he had been sent to be turned into a riding horse. He was not doing well, so the Epona Trust took him on and started a program of regaining his confidence. Meric was terrified of anything behind him, so we can assume his accident was when he was pulling a carriage of some kind.

Meric is very well bred but he is one of a strain of Welsh D's who have rather long bodies and an upright head carriage ("peacocky"). This looks wonderful in harness but is a disaster in a ridden horse, since it is difficult for them to slow down and stop. Meric had to do lots of work "long and low" while the correct muscles built up.

Latest Update

His previous sponsor Petra took him with her when she moved to Scotland, which involved clicker training him to load easily into a horse box.

Meric is now back with the Epona Trust again and is sponsored by Kirsten. Meric is progressing well and is enjoying his work, especially when he gets to join in the group lessons.