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Name: Mothball Born: 1969
Height: 12.1 hands Breed: Welsh Pony Section A
Gender: Gelding Colour: Grey


Mothball was one of our first rescues and came to us, having been left in a field for several years. He suffered badly from sunburn and had liver problems in his early years, probably due to Ragwort.

He was very awkward to ride in his early days when he seemed to have different 'engines' in his front and back end, which were not seemingly sychronised!

Mothball became a local celebrity on his 40th birthday, when his picture appeared in the local press!

Over the years Mothball matured into a wonderful pony who thoroughly enjoyed his work. He was still strong and sound despite his old age, being the second oldest working pony in Hampshire. As he got older, we tried to restrict the weight of children who rode him, and although he loved to jump, he was only allowed to do this once a week!

Mothball was very priviliged as he was allowed to graze in our garden where he could relax and did not have to put up with the younger ruder ponies.

We looked after him very carefully and he had some supportive therapies, which are listed below.

Latest Update

Unfortunately at the grand old age of 42, Mothball's age finally caught up with him, and he passed away in February 2011. He will be very sadly missed, especially by all those children young and old he taught to ride.

Therapies Used

  • Gut balancer - to be sure that his insides don't become to inefficient in gut flora
  • Alpha beet & soaked grass nuts - because his teeth are not very strong and they're almost worn out
  • Rhustox - for 'the day after' any excitement (shows etc.)