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Name: Muffin Born: Unknown
Height: 12 hands Breed: Hinny
Gender: Gelding Colour: Skewbald


A Hinny is a cross between a donkey mother and a pony father. A mule is the other way around.

Muffin was found abandoned and since he had not been gelded, we assume someone bought him thinking he was an unusual coloured donkey stallion. Unfortunately Muffin then probably opened his mouth, and the noise that comes out is a "neigh-bray" - nothing like a donkey's voice!

Muffin was running loose, terrified of human contact when the RSPCA were called. It took three large RSPCA inspectors to finally corner and hold him! Muffin came straight to the Epona Trust and has been with us since his adventures! We had him gelded and this has settled him down, although it is still a bit of an ordeal for him to be close to people.

Muffin used to hide in his stable and be terrified of people. Slowly he has come out of his shell and Muffin is now a very sociable little hinny who is very food orientated! He can be lead around relatively easily - hinnies and mules are increadibly strong, traditionally used as beasts of burden. Muffin was moved so he can enjoy running around and living outside. He had 2 shetland ponies for company, and he likes to boss them around - they are the only things smaller than him! As he is such a good doer we had to be very careful with to manage his weight.

Latest Update

In May 2012, Muffin was rehomed on permanent loan to a lovely lady. He will be a companion for another horse and will get lots of love and attention, which Muffin richly deserves! We wish Muffin all the best in his new home with his new friends.