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Name: Pyms Born: 1987
Height: 12.2 hands Breed: Exmoor Pony (Rare Breed)
Gender: Mare Colour: Roan


Pyms was a RSPCA case and was found tethered onto a roundabout by Southampton Docks. No one knows where she came from but it is probable that a horse trader coming up from the South West and selling their stock at the Beauliea Road Horse Sales sold her. There are no restictions on people buying ponies, so she was probably bought on impulse and then abandoned.

Latest Update

Pyms is a well loved member of our 'staff' and her speciality is private lessons where she can be the centre of attention! Like her breed she is tough and intelligent, and she has a wonderful jumping ability.

Pyms suffers from 'sweet itch', which is an allergy to the bite of a certain mosquitos. They bite, the horse rubs the itch, this makes a raw patch which the mosquitos bite and so the horse can end up very miserable indeed. Some ponies lose their manes and tails to this condition.

Pyms used to have to be stabled during the summer but now has a wonderful sweet itch rug to wear, so she can play in the field with the other ponies and not get bitten by mosquitoes.

Pyms is looking for someone kind and understanding to sponsor her.