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Name: Scrumpy Born: 1990
Height: 13 hands Breed: Welsh Pony Section B
Gender: Gelding Colour: Dark Bay


Scrumpy came from the same, very kind, owners as Mr. Ben. However he had some problems that hadn't been noticed in his long 9 year 'holiday! The biggest problem was his teeth which were out of alignment, causing pressure on his jaw joint.

A long session with our dentist Gregg Wood, under sedation, gave him a whole new balance to his mouth.

Latest Update

Scrumpy is now learning how to lift his back properly and not move in a 'hollow' shape.

Scrumpy sometimes gets in a muddle with his legs and has to give a 'hop and skip' to rebalance himself, so he needs to have a rider who is balanced enough to help him. He was probably pulled into shape, too early in his training (with draw reins or side reins), and this has lead to muscle damage and joint problems. With the right kind of work and management he will continue to improve, well into his 20s!

Scrumpy is sponsored by Ella, and they have begun jumping lessons - something Scrumpy loves to do!

Therapies Used

  • Chiropactic treatment - for back, neck and jaws
  • Massage - for back muscles
  • Homeopathic - Rhustox and Arnica
  • Bach flower remedy - 'Walnut'