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Name: Severn Born: 1995
Height: 16.1 hands Breed: French Warmblood
Gender: Gelding Colour: Dark Chestnut


Severn's owner paid a huge amount of money for him as a youngster and almost an equal amount to have him trained.

The harsh training methods caused him to be over trained and his system broke down. He had front leg ligament problems which were operated on, which in turn increased his stress levels. When he returned to his owner, he was still unlevel and and she decided to put him down rather than pay out any more money. Severn's groom contacted the local Horse Welfare Officer and they contacted us, resulting in him arriving here. He was so stressed that he had skin problems and colics which took a long time to settle.

Severn was competing successfully in Preliminary and Novice dressage competitions with Verity, but unfortunately in 2009 his old ligament injury returned and Severn spent a year 'resting' and having fun out in the field with Bandit. Severn returned from 'resting' at the start of 2011 and soon got back to full fitness, enjoying jumping five bar gates to escape!

Latest Update

Following Severn's return to full fitness, he had an extremely serious injury to his leg whilst out in the field in June 2011. After his amazing recovery from the emergency surgery performed by Riverside Veterinary Surgery, Severn is now coming back to full fitness. He is being ridden regularly and is getting stronger and more level.

Severn is now an incredibly relaxed horse and thoroughly enjoys himself pretending to be a stallion out in the field! Severn is also known as 'sick note' as whenever he appears to be looking fantastic, fit and healthy, he decides he needs some time off and injures himself! We have to tell him how dreadful he looks in case he thinks he needs time off again!

Therapies Used

  • Lots of chiropractic treatment
  • Physiothrapy on his damaged shoulder
  • Bach flower remedies 'Walnut'
  • Homeopathic treatment - Rhustox, Arnica, and Pulsittla