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The Epona Trust - Sunny

Name: Sunny Born: 1987
Height: 12 hands Breed: Welsh Pony Section A
Gender: Gelding Colour: Palomino


Sunny came to us from a friend of Carol's who had a big riding Centre, and found him too fast for the children who rode him.

He was very nervous and did not seem to understand very well what he was being asked to do, and in particular he used to swing his head around in circles which was very disconcerting for his riders! When ponies behave like this, it is often the result of using side reins on them incorrectly. It makes them feel very tense and their muscles cramp and ache.

Latest Update

It took a long time for Sunny to learn that he could stretch out his neck while he was being ridden and that no one was going to hang onto his mouth or pull him around.

As his balance improved he found it easier to stop when the rider asked him and as our riders are taught to stop the horse with their weight and not the reins, he is no longer afraid that his mouth will be pulled.

He is a valued member of our team and is looking for someone kind and understanding to sponsor him. Sunny is beginning to feel his age and is no longer such a speedy pony. He is looking for someone to give him the love and attention he richly deserves.