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The Epona Trust - Thomas

Name: Thomas Born: ~2009
Height: 12 hands Breed: Welsh Pony Section A
Gender: Gelding Colour: Grey


Thomas was found wandering on a railway line. The RSPCA rescued Thomas and asked the Epona Trust to look after him.

When Thomas arrived he was very thin and had some nasty injuries to his neck and tail, probably caused by a tether. Thomas' injuries have now completely healed, so he was turned out to our large field at Hatch Hill to grow up with all the other youngsters.

Latest Update

Thomas has now grown up so much he is almost unrecognisable from the very sorry thin little pony who arrived. He is now regularly coming in with the other ponies and is learning some basic manners and to be lead safely. Thomas will soon begin to learn to take a saddle and small rider, and will hopefully become a valuable member of the teaching team.