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Name: Wicg Born: 1992
Height: 11.2 hands Breed: Welsh Section A - unregistered
Gender: Gelding Colour: Bay


Wicg is Anglo Saxon for a little horse.

When Wicg's mother, sister and aunt came to us from a Mountain pasture in Wales, between the three of them they did not weigh as much as one normal pony!

His aunt and sister went to new homes as soon as they were well again but his mum, 'Cariad' stayed with us. We didn't know she was pregnant so when Wicg was born (on a cold March morning), it was a complete surprise. Two of the elderly horses were keeping watch over the tiny foal (no bigger than a dog) while his mother abandoned him to play with her friends.

We had to bring him home in the back of the stable owner's car and warm him up in our living room wearing a baby's nappy with a hole cut out for his tail!

When we brought 'Cariad' back, we had a hard time getting her to bond with Wicg...until we brought in another mare. Cariad then realised Wicg was her foal!

Latest Update

Sadly in November 2011, Wicg passed away. We all miss him and his cheeky ways, especially his escapology antics! Wicg was a very special little pony and he taught a great many children to ride. He will be sadly missed by everyone at the Epona Trust.