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Name: Willoughby Born: July 2010
Height: 8 hands Breed: Welsh Section A?
Gender: Colt Colour: Bay


Willoughby was rescued by the RSPCA from a very wet field in September 2010, where he was so weak he could not get up. He was approximately 3 months old when he arrived, so should still have been with his mother. Unfortunately it appears as if he was sold at the sales when he was too young and just could not survive on his own.

Willoughby was so tiny and thin when he arrived, he could barely walk and had to be picked up if he laid down or fell over as he was too weak to get up on his own. As Willoughby was so small (about the size of a collie), even foal rugs were too big, so we had to improvise with a jumper and socks!

Willoughby was wormed early in 2011, which is often very hard on weak foals, but he has begun to grow and put on weight. He is such a wonderful little pony with a huge personality that he has his own fan club, Willoughby's Week on Facebook, with weekly updates on his progress!


Latest Update

Willoughby is looking for sponsors to help fund his care, as he will need a lot of TLC for the foreseeable future. He needs 20 people to pledge £10 a month. Willoughby has 11 people sponsoring him at present, so only 9 more to go!

Willoughby had problems with the ligaments in his legs throughout 2011, and had to have remedial shoeing to try and correct the issues. His front legs are now fine but his back legs were a concern, and he had to have his feet trimmed almost every week to ensure he was balanced correctly.

Willoughby has grown up tremendously in 2012 and has made so much progress we have turned him out with the other horses to grow up and get fit. His legs and feet have strengthened and improved, and he looks so different from the tiny foal who arrived in 2010. Willoughby is a very cheeky chap and due to his intensive nursing at a young age, he is very bold with people. Being with other horses will teach him some manners and that he is not the head of the herd!

Please contact us if you would like to help Willoughby, or for any further information.